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After meeting in 2017, Paul and Hadley always had the ambition to go into business together, Paul bringing elements of his business acumen and Hadley’s talent and skill for hair. 


The main premise of the business would be to specialise in extensions and hair loss, re-educate on hair extensions and ultimately make a difference to the consumer. 


In June of 2020, the decision was made for Hadley to go self-employed. 


In 2021 Paul also left his career to start working on the foundations of the salon business. 


In August of 2022, the salon launched offering a range of bespoke extension services, cutting, styling and colour.



Starting in the beauty industry at the age of  18, Paul has worked for several international brands including Harvey Nichols, L’Oréal and Selfridges. 


Specialising in developing and growing businesses, Paul moved to London 10 years ago to further develop his career. 


Deciding in 2021 to leave his career and create a salon with Hadley. 



After working in a salon for 10 years, Hadley then went on to be self-employed for a year before creating and opening a salon with Paul.

Hadley has always had an interest & passion for extensions as he believes extensions aren't only about length! There are countless uses for hair extensions, including increasing fullness (volume), strength, and/or correcting hair cuts, as well as colour and texture. 

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